Welcome to Lighthouse Church!

Lighthouse Church is a church “born in the city for the city”.  We are a diverse family of people from all sorts of backgrounds, united by our common desires to know Jesus better and to share his love with our community – “to know him and to make him known”.

We invite you to journey with us!

The life of faith is more of a “journey” than a “moment”.  We see this in the Bible and in our own lives.  We take steps “forward”; then sometimes, we may take a step “back”.  Jesus’ followers had moments when they “got it” and moments when they “really didn’t get it”; chances are you will too!

We invite you to “journey with us”, sharing your “ups” as well as your “downs” with us.  We’re not here to “grade” you, but to help you journey onward – to know Jesus better and live the incredible life he has for you!